Commercial Finance


Financing a Commercial Vehicle can be a process which confuses, irritates and even downright prevents many from pursuing their true work vehicle needs. What makes the most sense, a lease, purchase or should we just but the vehicle outright?

Did you know there are different processes and requirements for financing a Chassis Cab vehicle vs. a F-150? Do you work for a municipality or local government? The financial needs of your company or employer vary greatly, we have the solutions.

Business Owners, Managers and Employees have a finite amount of time to juggle numerous responsibilities in order to ensure their business runs smoothly, the last thing we want you to do is worry about HOW you're going to purchase your Commercial Vehicle. 

You have options, and Ford Commercial Credit and our Commercial Vehicle Team can walk you through the process from start to finish, saving you time and letting you get back to work.

Below you will find information to get you started in easy to print format. Our Team's specialty is to walk you through this infornation and navigate the etails with you.

Your guide to Ford Commercial Financing
(Printable PDF)


You Guide to Chassis Cab Financing
(Printable PDF)


Your Guide to Municipal Vehicle Finance
(Printable PDF)


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