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Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Got so lucky to work with Sandy!"

Got so lucky to work with Sandy! Was the easiest and most honest experience I've had and I got my dream car. Would recommend, 10/10!
S. Lantych, Tucson, AZ 7/6/2017

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

"Going the Extra mile!"

We have dealt with the east side Ford dealership many of times and have had great success in getting a great deal. This last time was for my in-laws. We called up Craig Zing and like usual he was ready to help us find the perfect truck. Thanks to Craig Zing and Jason Ordean for always taking care of us and making it not seem like just another sale.
B. Brown, Tucson, AZ 5/6/2016

"100% satisfied by the experience"

II just wanted to let you know about the very positive experience I had dealing with Sandy Woodward at your dealership while purchasing a 2011 Volvo XC90.>br>First, this is the 4th Volvo I have owned.  I bought a new DL in 1985 and then 2 other new sedans.  But this was my first used car I've ever purchased, so I was a little nervous.  Also, this was all done long distance as I am in Albuquerque.  Here's what Sandy did to help alleviate my fears:

1. On the phone, after a couple of Emails, Sandy walked out the car and gave me a detailed description of the inside and outside.
2. I ran the CarFax, and there was no information on any maintenance because the car has been in the UK the previous 4 years, and was only shipped here in March of 2015.  Sandy called the previous owner on the phone, and then she called me and give me a lot of needed information about the maintenance.  I felt much better knowing that it had been serviced by a Volvo dealer in the UK.
3. These are very good cars, but the weak point is the AWD differential.  If it goes the part alone is around $4K.  Sandy said that if there were any bad driveline components then the dealership would have wholesaled the car.  Good point.  But then he had an experienced mechanic go back and check it again (it needs to be perfectly dry), and it was.
4. Picked me up at the airport at just around noon.  I was on the road back to Albuquerque at 1:30P.  Everything that could be done before hand was done and all the paperwork was prepared and ready to go.  Even spared me the trouble of telling the finance person "no, I don't want and extended warranty, and please don't ask me the same question again", so that was nice.
5. Asked me to call when I got back home, which I did after he sent a "reminder" voice mail.  Called a couple of days later to see how everything was going.  Very thoughtful.

Since then I've driven to Denver, and then to Madison Wisconsin and back from Denver for Thanksgiving, and the car has been great.

I would have no problem recommending Sandy or your dealership to any prospective buyers and was 100% satisfied by the experience.
C. Weale, Albuquerque, NM - 12/3/2015
Thank you Candice! - Jim Click Ford with Ray and Marsha

"You were all SOOOO wonderful in coming to my emergency aid"

I just want to thank Pete and Jim Peterson and Frank in Ford Service for their heroic efforts in getting my old 1989 Ford E-350 diesel bus repaired fast enough today that I did not lose my buyer for it, nor have to incur the expense of putting up the transporter in a hotel over night. You were all SOOOO wonderful in coming to my emergency aid. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for your attention, quick action and extreme customer-centered service. Really-- you already had my respect and pleasure in the waiting room experience, but now you have a fan for life and multiple standing ovations.
L. Griffith, Pennsylvania - 7/19/2013

"I wanted to personally Thank You"


"I wanted to personally Thank You for the great people you have working for you. Took my car in this morning 8am and let Maurice Lemmon know I needed to be out of there within the hour. He kept his word. The work was done within the hour and the service was great. Thanks you Maurice!!"
R. DuVall, Tucson, AZ 10-30-2013

"Jim Click has another dedicated customer"

I want to let Jim Click has another dedicated customer. His staff greatly assisted me and my wife replace our totaled car. Without their dedicated help we would have been at the mercy of some shyster car dealer. THANK YOU!
G. Bell, Tucson, AZ 10/11/2012
We appreciate your kind words and look forward to helping you down the road! - Jim Click Ford

"Thank you for such wonderful people."

Just bought a 2013 Ford Escape at the 22nd & Wilmot location. Wanted to give Armando Hernandez (sales person) and Bill Eillingsworth (finance officer) extreme compliments. Both were not at all pushy or overwhelming and both worked hard to get me payments I could afford. Did NOT walk into dealership with purchase on my mind, just came in for free maintenance on my 05 Escape. Extremely happy with both men, and my new vehicle. Wanted their manager(s) to know what great employees they are. Thank you for such wonderful people. Have had extremely BAD experience in past with other Ford dealers, so this was a nice surprise. Thanks again.
L. Wingate, Tucson, AZ 6/6/2013

"I was visiting Tucson last weekend"

I was visiting Tucson last weekend with my wife and 8 other couples for the USTA tennis tournament. I was in a rental car from Enterprise. I had a 2010 Ford expedition. It had a service light come on and had a problem shifting. Enterprise told me they could tow it and I could pay the tow and wouldn't have a vehicle for the weekend. I said that I would contact the local dealer to see if you could help. The Enterprise rep told me that they would never work on the car. I called in Friday night around 5pm. I was lucky enough to get Robert Olivarez on the phone. He told me that he would be happy to work on the vehicle and I should try to get there in the morning early. I arrived at 7am, he came right out and greeted me. Worked me in without a formal appointment, diagnoised and fixed the problem all within an hour of walking into your showroom. I think people all to often send in emails complaining about things but I wanted to say what a great job your company did and what a professional enviroment I was subjected to. I should know I am the GSM of Carousel Auto Group in Iowa City, IA. We have 5 franchises and 4 facilities. I wish I had an employee like Robert to man my service drive. I think your Auto group is a first class establishment from the front of the house to the back. Thanks again for making a customer of a rental car company feel like your customer Regards, Paul Trovas GSM, Carousel Auto Group
Paul T, Carousel Auto Group

"You have a get team!! "

2010 F150 BC, Canada Thank you for getting my truck serviced on short notice!! You have a get team!!
A. Haynes, BC, Canada, 4/5/2012
We appreciate your kind words!- Jim Click Ford

"Excellent Treatment I Received From My Service Advisor"

I am writing to let you know about the excellent treatment I received from my service advisor, Peter Quezada at the Ford dealership on 22nd St. in Tucson, AZ. Mr. Quezada was very helpful while they worked to sort out the emissions problems on my Co. 2007 Ford F-150. He immediately put the vehicle in service on a busy afternoon. Even though the problems required more work Mr. Quezada suggested a place to stay for the night and breakfast the next morning. He kept me up to date on the progress and helped in acquiring a rental car when it was discovered that more extensive work was required.
P. Plante, Tucson, AZ 8/30/2012

"Recently, I had my 2008 Ranger Serviced"

Recently, I had my 2008 Ranger Serviced @ Jim Click Ford on 22nd st. Service was accomplished promptly and professionally. The bill was paid, and I went on my way. Later I rechecked the repair paperwork, and found that there was an error in the amount billed. I contacted the service advisor I dealt with, initially (Katie Guthrie) and explained my situation. I was instructed to bring in the paperwork and she would go over it. After looking over the service contract, she correctly concluded that data was incorrectly entered into the computer. New paperwork was generated, and the over charge refunded . I found Ms, Guthrie, very pleasant to deal with, felt that she did have t he customers best interest foremost in our dealings. She also took time to more fully explain my extended service contract. It was a pleasure to deal with her. She is a capable individual who represents Click Ford in a highly professional manner. She is to be commended .
P. Laramie, 9-1-2010

"I own a Ford Flex and recently had a problem"

I own a Ford Flex and recently had a problem (couldn't turn off interior lights) and contacted Ford Service. This was at 8:30 on a Friday night in Florida (with a long drive ahead of me back home to NJ the next day). I was in a panic because I was worried about battery drain). The Service folks couldn't help & tried to find a local dealer to patch me to. With the hour so late they ended up connecting me to Chris Schrell in your Tuscon dealership. Chris was great! She even went on the lot to find a Flex & then called me back to walk me through the fix. I cannot say how much I appreciated her help. She went above & beyond and did so with grace & patience. Please let the owners know - Chris is a terrific employee.
C. West, 3/26/2012

"I want to say THANK YOU"

This email is for a manager at Jim Click Ford. I want to say THANK YOU for a pleasurable experience that my wife and I had with the sells associate professional named Marcos Fimbres. We are both in the military and throughout our lifetime purchased many vehicles and encountered many sales persons. However one sells person has awe struck us on his knowledge, professionalism and candor. He met our every expectation as a sells individual and politic for our best interest. We test drove numerous vehicles, made deals on several assets, and in the long run purchased a Ford Vehicle that we are satisfied and truly happy with. I want to give Marcos the kudos he deserves, with his due diligence and perseverance that he provided me and my wife. Marcos is a BUYERS DREAM when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. His knowledge of not only Ford vehicles was vast, but used vehicles on the lot were comprehensive. His patience, kind actions and thoughtfulness is simply resounding. Never for an instant did he let frustration or impatience, ruin his composure. This was the paramount factor on the vehicle that we decided to purchase. Marcos hands down is top of the list when I decide to purchase my next vehicle. Marcos is a sells person that I would never lay to the wayside when he calls or emails because of his tactics. BOLD STATMENT I recommend Marcos as top sells consultant of the year! Thank You Marcoslove this guy!
D. King, Tucson, AZ 9/11/2012

"I just wanted to say thank you"

I just wanted to say thank you to your service department for the outstanding and timely service that my wife came in for on our 2012 Ford Focus. Being deployed and not being there to help with simple car problems like air pressure can be stressful. Instead my wife drove to your service department and received great customer service! Thank You so much!!!!
C. Chappell, Tucson, AZ 12/17/2012

"I was very pleased; they met and exceeded my expectations"

Jim Click Ford, It is not often I do this, but it is warranted at this time. My name is John Russell and I live in Maryland. I have been searching for a 2002, 7.3 diesel with low miles for several weeks. Well I found one in Tucson, after talking with the used car owner, looking at hundreds of pictures online and getting an after market warranty, I still was a little concerned. I was going to buy this car and have transported to me. This distance of 2229 miles without ever seeing the car left a worried feeling in my stomach. Trying to feel just a little more confident in my purchase, I contacted your dealership Jim Click Ford on 22nd street in Tucson. Eventually made my way to Matt Rademacher, one of your service writers. Matt and I spoke several times on the phone; we talked about my concerns over the motor and Trans, plus many other items. Well, at the end of the day Matt and Frank, one of your diesel mechanics went over this truck with a fine tooth comb. Frank even contacted me directly and we spoke for about twenty minutes about this truck. After working with them both, I felt much more at ease and decided to make the purchase. In the end, being a business owner myself, I wanted to convey to you, that this is one of those opportunities; you may want to go and give those gentlemen a pat on the back and a JOB well done. I was very pleased; they met and exceeded my expectations. I would consider using them again if the same situation was to present itself. Thank you, for having two very forward thinking and customer service oriented individuals on your team.
J. Russell, Baltimore, MD 11/20/2012

"Your level of customer service is OUTSTANDING, and we sincerely thank you"

On Wednesday, June 19 we brought our 2010 Ford Focus in to your service department. The day prior, about 100 miles out of Tucson, driving with cruise control on, the fuel injector sputtered, and we began to decelerate. We pulled off the road for about five minutes, then the car restarted and we were on our way, but concerned. Peter Quezada and mechanic Bob checked the car out in under an hour and said they could not find anything wrong. I explained we live in northern California, and had yet to drive 800 miles to home. They suggested I bring the car back on Monday, June 24, before our drive on Tuesday. On Friday of that week we drove to Scottsdale and back without incident, so we decided not to return to your service dept. Bob said he had only spent five minutes on the car, so there would be no charge! We returned home safely on Wednesday, June 26. On Thursday, June 27, I received a phone call from Joan in your customer service department wanting to make sure we had arrived home safely! Your level of customer service is OUTSTANDING, and we sincerely thank you.
J. Koza, California - 7/1/2013

"I was very impressed and pleased by your Service Advisor"

My wife and I moved back home to Tucson a couple of years ago. I of course remember the Jim Click ford/Lincoln dealership near our home at Wilmot and Broadway when I was growing up. I recently bought a used Lincoln because I needed a full-size car besides our other vehicles. I took it into the 6244 E. 22nd Street facility for inspection before purchase, and repairs subsequently. I am writing because I was very impressed and pleased by your Service Advisor, Patrick Finn. Mr. Finn was welcoming, helpful and reliable. In my view he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my car was appropriately inspected and serviced. I look forward to dealing with him in the future, and because of him, your dealership will be my "Plan A" for both vehicle acquisition and service. I rarely take the time to write such commendations, but I truly appreciate his efforts, and he has made a difference to me regarding dealership preference. Sincerely
R. McManus, Tucson, AZ - 9/14/2013

"I have NEVER experienced such exceptional customer service"

I have had to bring my fleet vehicle in for service (Ford recall) a couple of times. I have NEVER experienced such exceptional customer service from every single employee I interacted with. I hope to be purchasing a car in the near future and would not dream of going anywhere else!
B. Schmidt, Tucson, AZ 3/29/2012

"Jim Click Ford-Lincoln will be the only service center I will use!"

I am from Michigan and was told I needed a rear differential fluid change at 7500 miles. When I brought my 2010 Merc, Mariner, with 10,400 miles on it, I was told by Mr. Peter Quezada ( My service advisor) that it was not necessary for a fluid change but thanked me for stopping by. ( He could have had the fluid changed and I would not have known any different. ) I was treated with courtesy and respect. I spend six months in Tucson every year and you can be sure Jim Click Ford-Lincoln will be the only service center I will use. Thank You. D. McDonnell New Customer.
D.McDonnell, 4/21/2011

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