A Little tire talk..... and some of our best tire specials below!

Wear and Tear:

Do your tires look like they have uneven tread? Do some of the "Grooves" in them look deeper and more pronounced than others? A tire tread depth gauge is a great little investment, however you can always use a good old penny as a quick check to see if they are wearing consistently. Your penny should go down approximately past Honest Abe's head, if not, you should think about replacing them. While this isn't the most accurate way to gauge your tires, it is typically a good place for you to start. Remember, the grooves in the tires are what directs water, etc? from your tires and lets them retain traction with the road.

Replacing your tires is easy, we always have the largest selection available to fit your Ford or Lincoln, and many times we offer special tire pricing on most all makes! We can install, and align your new tires to Manufacturer specifications quickly, and get you on the road. Our Team can also help you find the right size, correct type of tread for your driving, and don't forget - we match the lowest price of ANY of our competitors.


Having an accurate wheel alignment is really the most important thing you can do to make sure your tires deliver the performance and safety you expect. Getting your tires aligned on a regular basis can save you as much in tire wear as a new tire would cost! Drive on tires that aren't aligned causes uneven tread wear, and may cause your tires to wear faster. These are the most common reasons for tire replacement, and you can avoid them with a simple alignment.

Replacing tires on your Ford or Lincoln will require you to get your tires aligned, this is so they all will wear evenly from the start. That's why we will align your tires when we install them! If you've hit some of Tucson's worst potholes, an unfriendly curb, road construction hazard, or any other type of road hazard, we highly recommend having your alignment checked. You may even feel a badly aligned set of tires right through to your steering wheel!

The cost of wheel alignment can be managed very effectively - keep an eye out for our periodic Wheel Alignment Special Offers, we can help.

Tire pressure:

Most vehicles now have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), which will notify the driver of low pressure via a light in the dashboard (tire pressure light). These will notify the driver when the pressure is significantly low and not even close to manufacturer recommended pressure. There is a sensor in each wheel, and are able to let the vehicle know which individual wheel is underinflated.

Underinflated tires are dangerous to drive on, and may cause severe damage to your vehicle. Also, tires with low pressure can negatively impact your gas mileage and handling characteristics, as well as reducing the life of your tires.

The information provided is in no way complete, or a total advisory on the part of Jim Click Ford | Lincoln as to your vehicle repair requirements. See your Service Advisor or Repair Facility in order to confirm specific issues with your vehicle.

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